Paper Practice

There are many books out there disguised as how-to’s, prompting you to tell your story through social media, and to use it as a platform to build a more authentic brand. But let’s be real, most of these books are far removed of specifics with watered down recommendations to use social media to tell your story. Some of the better books on the subject show you how to sell-out your brand for mass appeal. These don’t pass the sniff test of building an authentic brand with great content. That’s where this book comes in.

The Heroik Power of Headlines applies a no-bull methodology to creating a legendary brand with epic content.  Readers can take a deep dive into the mechanics of core content strategy to get, keep and grow customers while bringing more of the inherent characteristics of their brand and culture to the surface. Those looking for a light read will appreciate over 200 headline examples and 80 exercises to help cultivate better headline techniques. The book is full of examples and exercises that will bring your headlines and content into alignment with the aspirations of your brand. 

If you’ve got great content and no-one is nibbling- it’s time to straighten out your headlines. Maybe you’re getting it right in some areas and not in others. This book goes over the entire content experience including:

  • The modern metrics you should be paying attention to
  • A social strategy that doesn’t involve binging on Facebook and Twitter (because let’s face it, you’ve got other things to do)
  • The audience action path: the sales funnel of the content world
  • How, where and on which crowds should you leverage the tools and dials of depth, complexity, and simplicity in content
  • Over 200 examples and more than 80 Heroik headline recipes that will reel in your audience
  • Timeless techniques for content including visual imagery
  • Guerilla marketing techniques that don’t involve selling out
  • A myriad of tools to help even the novice

What you won’t find in this book:

  • Recommendations and tools to fake your way to popularity (and ultimately failure)
  • Snake oil, fluff, filler and carbs…

This book is protein rich and skimmer friendly – chock-full of headings, sub-headings and bullet points with chapter summaries for as easy or deep a read as you please. You’ll find more details about the book here.

Download it Here

What experiences have you had with content books? What’s your favorite? What has actually helped your endeavors? Feel free to leave any comments you might have.



Picture Batman robbed of his utility belt. He’s still  more than able whoop your ass, solve the riddle and save the day. You too, should aspire to cultivate your skills to the point that  armed with only the most primitive of tools, locked in an 8×10 room with a magic marker, you (your ideas, filters, lenses and processes) can be just as dangerous and powerful. Do you want more mental clarity, focus, less anxiety and stress? This year, this month, this week, try something different and get back to the basics. Brush the dust off a pen and paper, visit ye olde staples, follow along, get involved, and  measure your gains. Spend the $10 on a pad of paper and something to write with. I recommend a moleskine notebook and a good pen. Just as a fool trusts his life to a weapon, do not place ultimate faith in your gadgetry. I’m not anti-tech. I’m a thrivalist.  Read on if you want to become a bare knuckle  biz champion of  productivity.



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