Weekend Fun

Recent studies show that a moderate level of ambient noise can boost productivity. Absolute silence makes it difficult to be creative. Too much noise can be distracting. The right mix of calm and productive cafe culture is just what the doctor ordered.

According to a recent study published in the Chicago Journal of Consumer Research, an ambient environment of 70 db is the sweet spot for creative noise levels. 85db is too loud and distracting and 50db and below is not conducive to the flow of creative juices. The research backs up what we’ve experienced first hand. We get a lot done and develop great ideas being around people who are busy doing other things.

If you’re ready to tap into your creative power of cafe  ambiance, there’s even more good news. Now you can take advantage of the ambiance of cafe culture anywhere you roam. We’ve put together a cafe culture audio power session to fuel your creative thoughts.

Over a half an hour of creative juice generating ambiance is yours for the taking.

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What you can learn from the Lego MBA

  • Gamified Environment- Interactive, Visual and Persistent engagement creates value. Environments like this scale nicely when the user base reaches a certain size .
  • The game dynamic with the most pull that kept me buying in were the levels. I couldn’t stop at level one when I knew there were 5 more to go. I frame my Lego MBAs- darn proud too.
  • Adding recognizable achievements, badges, certificates, to the building process allows you to extend the fun and pride of building the models and sharing your own creations.
  • Extend the value of physical products with virtual products. Smaller $5-$10 kits with robust virtual kits. Lego has seen amazing success with their online video game products and has combined them in a hybrid environment that is tactile with analog elements and information products