It’s true. Beneath the hub bub and spam of traditional, mainstream social networks, and miles beyond the drudgery of LinkedIn, there exists a different kind of community, a corporate underground, that offers amongst other things, access to a treasure trove of resources including, a hidden job market for executives. Have you heard of The Corporate Underground? I didn’t think so. Most haven’t. It operates behind closed doors and connects the best and brightest to the real opportunities and connections that make careers.

In this vast and broad network lives an executive community unknown to a majority of the general public that connects executives to jobs. In this article, we’ll be journeying into that world and segment of The Corporate Underground.

What is it? What does it take to get in? How the heck do you sign up? We’ll get into all that.

The Linchpin to this hidden job market is a singular membership network, a pay to play platform where executives gather, strategize and jockey for roles that serve as the gateway drug to the corporate career upgrade. There are direct executive roles, and more flexible advisory board roles served up on a platter to those who know how to play.

Members of this underground network get access to:

1. An elite network of executives and advisors. So if you need to bolster the roster of your success team, this is an excellent place to start.

2. Opportunities to share expertise and contribute to mid tier organizations across multiple verticals.

3. Opportunities to earn some extra green, bolster the grandkids’ college funds, or get that car, yacht and the trip you’ve been patiently putting off on your someday/maybe list.

To get in, to make the cut, you can’t just be any bum off the street. Nope. There are requirements and a series of secret handshakes and investments on your part. This is how the posers and pretenders are kept out of elite networks. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Requirements & Secret HandShakes

4. Executives Only – This isn’t for posers or for the inexperienced. This is for Executives (VP or C suite only) who want access to an exclusive list of opportunities to Advisory Board, Board of Director, or Executive Suite roles.

5. For Experienced Communicators – able to impart their experience and knowledge at the executive/senior leadership level. They’ll smell a fraud a mile out. The system is designed for top tier talent only. So bring your A Game. Heroik Insiders know how we roll. If you have what it takes keep reading.

6. It ain’t cheap – The platform that we know of costs $200-$300 per month. If that’s a lot of money to you, you probably don’t swing at the executive level you need to in order to be a part of this group. This is pennies on the dollar compared to the rest of The Corporate Underground.

To Get In – Knowing the Secret Handshakes

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7. You need to know somebody on the inside to refer you. Coming in cold without the right connections and succeeding in the first year of membership is difficult. Most rookies meander and get table scraps unless they know some people and know what they’re doing.

8. Just like with anything else, you’ll need a concierge to ensure you’re eating with the right fork, have your ducks in a row And don’t make me look bad by showing up looking so green! Read on and I’ll lend you mine FOR FREE!

9. If you fit the bill, and you can afford the membership fees (I get none of nor am I a commissioned affiliate of any kind!), AND especially  if you’re already member of the Heroik Insider Group, I can vouch for you and  see if I can get you in. But I only work with growth minded, abundant thinking, A-game, Major league collaborators on my success team. I’m not selling anything. I’m always looking to bolster my success team. And, if you make the cut, I will Join YOUR success team if you make it to become a full fledged member.

If you’re interested, pull the trigger and click the button. Fill out the form and you can get ahead of the pile to my direct resource who will vet you. I’ll give you more details, explain in more depth how it works, what it is and connect you to my inside resource.

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Again, any Heroik Insider who signs up and makes the cut, I’ll connect with you once you’re in and we can wingman together!


If you’re salty about that social locker up there, remember- you gotta give to get and that is really a microscopic ask to share an article, compared to the opportunities and resources I offer my Heroik tribe.

Candid NO-BULL Disclaimer: In case you couldn’t tell, I reveal these types of opportunities and resources to entice you to join my Insider Group. That’s it. That’s what I’m schlepping, just access to wicked smart resources, opportunities, and people. Just like this. I get $0.00 commission when you take advantage of the hidden job network. But you’re welcome to it! I hope you use it to make stacks of extra cash. Then come back and join my group to elevate, connect and grow even more!