At Heroik, we’re abundance junkies. We build it, we live it and love it. As experience designers, in business mode, it is part of our job to always be aware of the greater context and significance, or why of our projects. Abundance, or abundant living, is at the very core of Heroik Culture. If you were to ask us why we do what we do, while we love the game, we also strive to build abundant lifestyles.

So to clarify and organize things in a straight forward way, we’re focusing all of our abundance efforts over at The Great Life, a new project and Heroik Community. 

What will you find at The Great Life?

Anything and everything related to building, living and enjoying an abundant and optimistic lifestyle, including tips, tricks, resources that fit under the Heroik Golden Rule: Cultivate that which serves you and hit the eject button on that which does not.

So if you’re up for lifestyle content – Head on over to The Great Life and check it out.