Built in R-Town now features an amazing new community event calendar. What makes this calendar different from the other regional calendars of yesteryear?

  • It’s visual – The default view shows beautiful thumbnails of each event or category. So you instantly get a sense of what is happening in R-Town.
  • It’s Customizable– With 5 views to choose from, and plenty of categories and keywords to focus on, you can make the calendar show only what you want it to see, and none of what you don’t.
  • You can take it with you– You can subscribe to your customized view of the calendar and add it to Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal. This calendar becomes part of your own, so you never have to scour the site again to know what’s going on.
  • You can add your calendar and share all of your events.  Event coordinators and marketing teams can share their calendars (ics, ical, google) with the R-Town calendar directly. No need to submit events one at a time. This saves venues and teams time, effort and energy as they can stop competing for attendees and strategically schedule their events. This way, there is always something going on in R-Town and you don’t have to miss it.
  • It auto-tweets event reminders 3 days in advance. Follow @builtinrtown for event reminders and never miss a thing going on in R-Town.

Watch the Video Tour for more.

For those unfamiliar, Built in R-Town is a website focused on all the wonderful people, things and happenings built in the Roseville region. It is an identity project for Roseville, CA created by the Heroik Innovation Lab.