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I Don’t Know About You, But I Gotta Be Me

A great commercial reminding you - to enjoy being you. Let them be them and you be you. Unsubscribe from the idolatry of celebrity, and the guilt and shame placed upon you by society. Cultivate authenticity, grab a drink, find a beach, and practice being you for a...

Go 5G: Upgrade Your Life With These 5 Words

I take on new themes every year. Often they are small phrases or tiny one word concepts that help me improve my life. Believe me, you can spend a lifetime appreciating the implications of seemingly small words. Here are 5 G-words whose lessons will bring you greater...

7 Universal Metrics That Will Elevate Your Biz & Life

In this post, we'll discuss 7 metrics that are fit to help any endeavor, of any size elevate and grow forward. A wise, old man (Joe Rohde) once told me, “where you look is where you go.” This is true in business and life. And it’s really easy to focus on the wrong...

Relationships : The MVP of Metrics

Relationships : The MVP of Metrics Track this: The number of people you are serving face to face, the type, level and commitment to service. Simply tracking and valuing this will make it easier for you to create and give more value in your products and services, and...

Count Your Money: Tracking Revenue

Track this: How much money is coming in and from which sources Right beneath our MVP metric of relationships, are dollars earned. News flash! Money matters! There I said it. There’s nothing wrong with the desire to be rich, nor being forthright and authentic by...

Measure This: Meetings That Matter

Track This: The number and quality of face to face meetings you have with people. Meetings offer opportunities to get belly to belly with people that matter to you. Getting face to face with your customers, partners and your team is certainly better in cases where you...

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