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Today I want to walk you through a simple process – 4 steps to making your vision a reality, and staying positive along the way, throughout the journey.

If you’ve worked with me in a one on one consult either personally or professionally for your business, or if you’ve ever bought or seen one of the Heroik guides or workbook, from the get-heroik website, you know that when it comes to making things happen, building, living and enjoying the great life, I ask you to dive deeper than you ever dove, and plan things out in great detail. I mean it, I am a planner and a stickler for details.  And the reason for this is, I like making things happen, I like bringing brands, business and people to life, no matter what. I like helping people do this. And the reality is, that making these things come true, requires more than a casual effort. And Today, in this 10-12 minute sprint, I’m going to give you a quick and proven 4 step process that will help you keep it real and make your vision a reality.

And along the way, if there’s one thing I hope you to connect with here, beyond the process that I’ll share is that in order to get mission ready for life, you’ll need to learn to appreciate every ounce of  what you feel is extra effort, discipline, dedication and commitment to building, living and enjoying the great life. When you go beyond the common mediocre practice and study, you begin to step into mastery,  and you begin to experience exceptional results. So raise your bar,

Alright, as simply as I can state this – there are 4 steps to keeping it real and making your vision become a reality while staying positive and energized throughout the journey.

In the simplest of terms, here’s the process.

  1. Start with a vision- a clear picture of what you’d like this month, week, year, in your life, work or wherever. Give yourself permission to dream.
  2. Capture & Describe the Experience in Vivid Detail- If it isn’t on paper it won’t last or count for much. You need to write it down, to map it out, to express it in a lasting way,   to keep it at the forefront of your mind.
  3. Anticipate the obstacles – all the likely worse case scenarios that may come your way. List them all.
  4. Develop a plan to address them authentically – this isn’t the land of theory, this about how you, where you’re at, who you are with the gifts you’ve got, how you will respond to the obstacles and forces that may slow you down, hold you back, and gum your gears up, while on the journey.  


1. What’s the vision? – Start with a vision, a dream, – the great life- a well crafted life of advancing self and others, building living and enjoying

– There is no limit or required medium for expression as long as you keep it visual and persistent in your life. I recommend keeping it simple, and at a minimum recommend having a vision board.

2. Imagine the experience

What would it look like, feel like, sound like, taste like? – what outcomes would you experience if life were this way? Capture this on paper.

If you insist on doing things digitally , I recommend that your home page in your web browser, should be some form or expression of your vision board, as is your wallpaper or desktop background.

If you want to make your vision more powerful, if you want better results, you should articulate your vision, the experience you’d have in multiple mediums and formats. BECOME A MASTER OF YOUR VISION – OR AT THE VERY LEAST A STUDENT OF YOUR VISION. Swim in it everyday. Refine it everyday. Ask questions around it everyday. Commit to studying your own vision.

What do I mean by this? I mean list out the buckets of your life, break-down your vision into all the life areas you can think of –  In our workbook the Heroik Power of Vision we’ve got 18 life areas to work on. You can work on them all or choose 5 to work out. – list them out.

Then write out your goals,describe the experience, think about the outcomes if you achieved your vision in all of those buckets.

Think about the mantras you might use to guide your focus and keep your goals top of mind.

Then, after you’ve done all that. Take all of those words and find pictures that tell that story, everything that motivates, inspires, and shows you at that end state.

You can express your vision on more than one medium, but as a best practice, you should still have a journal or written vision statement, and a  board where your vision is expressed clearly in front of you each and every day.

3. Think about the obstacles that may arise, and things that may get in the way.

What obstacles between here and your vision do you perceive?

Be smart about this, think about the requirements, commitments of time, energy, and attention, and all the material tools and resources but don’t forget to think about the mental and emotional obstacles you’ll encounter.

What beliefs and attitudes will you have to face in order to achieve the actions and results that you want. In my experience working with countless leaders, executives and people at many different levels, it is the limiting beliefs and personal hang ups that get in the way and often go unnoticed or unaddressed.  You have to address all of the obstacles. And the rule of thumb here is if you can perceive it, you can address it.

4. Finally, Make a Plan- how will you go about making things happen,

including but not limited to:

-connecting to your vision every single day.

-actions you’ll need to take

-commitments you’ll need to make – memory aides and mantras you’ll need to cultivate in order to honor yourself, honor those commitments, and operate with integrity.

-Your action plan to overcome the obstacles that may arise including calling out all the personal bullshit you’ve pulled in your past to sabatage yourself or slow yourself down. The time to call these things out is now, when your energy and motivation are high.

-How you’ll practice and visualize overcoming those obstacles to be prepared for them. How will you prepare? How will you be mission ready for the life that you want? Listening to this podcast is but one way – and you’ll need to step up your game and do more to make it happen.

How will you go about addressing all of these parts?

Don’t assume you’ll take the best course of action by winging it, just in time . Make a plan. A plan needs to be written down. Do not trust it to live in your head. Don’t trust your memory.  Toughen it up, train yourself to remember your plans and preparations by practicing and dry-diving, visualizing yourself encountering the real world obstacles you’ve considered.  

if you only think of your plans once, you only practiced once.  

If you only practiced once by writing out a plan one time and ignoring it for the year, I promise you’ll forget many if not most of the solutions to the obstacles if and when they arise in your life. So make a plan. what solutions- and methods of problem solving will you learn- how might you address the obstacles you anticipate . Planning to address these doesn’t mean you’re going to manifest or force them to happen, but instead, it ensures that if you encounter these obstacles, you’ll be ready, and you won’t let go of your dreams when you run into them.

If you do these 4 steps

1-Create a vision – declare what you want, what you really want

2-Capture it vividly, become a student of your vision, study to master it.

3-Perceive the obstacles

4-Create a plan to address, overcome or workaround come what may
If you do all of these 4, you’ll be more mission ready for the life you want.