At long last, the heavily anticipated roll-out of that new Google-fied wi-fi has hit our local Starbucks in Northern California. How does it measure up compared to the old AT&T wi-fi? We ran the speed tests at different locations to find out.

If you’ve logged on to Starbucks’ AT&T  wi-fi, you’ve noticed it’s not really usable for anything beyond sending/receiving email and light web browsing. We ran a speedtest at our local non Google Starbucks wi-fi and the results were absolutely horrible. How Horrible? Check it out.

speed test slow


With a ping of 86ms, download speed of .93Mpps and upload speed of 0.40Mpps – all bouncing off some point in LA (we’re in Roseville, CA -8hrs north of LA). Clearly, this is unfit for Netflix, video chat, games, or any bandwidth heavy browsing activity on the web.

Note: for the local readers, this was the Starbucks across from the Galleria mall.

Alright- how about that new Google WiFi? Just how fast is the good stuff…

speed test fast


With a ping of 23ms, download speed of 56.27Mbps and upload speed of 11.71 Mbps -> It’s blazing fast. It’s our new office, and I’m sure it will soon be yours too.

The good news- Google Wi-Fi is rolling out to many more of the Starbucks locations- and becoming a wet dream for the freelancers, office optional, and funderemployed crowd.

Roseville locals- If you’re eager to park your laptop at this mecca, send us an email and we’ll disclose the location.