Cafe Anywhere – Ambient Sounds of Productivity




We’ve put the sounds of productivity in your pocket with this auditory ambiance of cafe culture. With this 25 minute, mp3 download, you can find focus where ever you may roam – and it’s backed by science.

Recent studies show that a moderate level of ambient noise can boost productivity. Absolute silence makes it difficult to be creative. Too much noise can be distracting. We’ve put together what we believe to be the right mix of calm and productive cafe culture – just what the doctor ordered.

Here’s what you get:

  • 25 Minutes of premium, high quality, ambient, productive cafe culture Audio –
  • That’s 25 minutes of focus time- enough for you to work on that novel you’ve been neglecting.
  • Almost half an hour of distilled, peaceful sounds, without screaming children, sirens or loud noises – all of it designed based on scientific research.
  • We’ve filtered out any and all disruptive
  • A perfect companion for your life hacking habits -designed with the Pomodoro technique in mind. After 25 minutes of listening take a 10 minute break and come back for another jam session.

If you’re ready to tap into your creative power of cafe  ambiance, there’s even more good news. Now you can take advantage of the ambiance of cafe culture anywhere you roam. We’ve put together a cafe culture audio power session to fuel your creative thoughts.

25  minutes of creative juice generating ambiance is yours for the taking.


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