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We’ve packed all the best content and key takeaways from 5 of our most popular 2-day workshops and condensed them into one book.

What if you could find one thing, THAT ONE THING; one precise linchpin that can help you grow your audience and opportunity? Regardless of the size of your organization, what is one thing that great brands can do to grow their audience, loyal customers and raving fans? We’ve been asked this countless times in our work bringing brands to life and taking ideas from thought to profit. And we’ve placed the answer in this book.

That One Thing – For many yet to-be-recognized legendary brands is creating epic headlines to match your high-quality content

if you’re already producing great, high-quality content with integrity and genuine character, fix your headlines. If you’re not producing high caliber, content yet, if you’re stuck making sense of what it all means, this book goes beyond Heroik Headlines. It will take you from wherever you’re at now and explain how to get there.

This book will help you build the quality of your content in a cohesive strategy that will attract and retain a larger audience.

The Heroik Power of Headlines paints a pragmatic picture of the modern audience, the attention economy, and lays the groundwork for content, social and promotional strategies that scale for the bootstrapper, solopreneurs, and businesses large and small seeking to have the most effective, efficient and authentic content operation in their industry. It is full of over 81 headline recipes and countless exercises that will change the way you create content and build your audience.

By the numbers – In this book you will find:

  • Over 140 pages of high quality, skimmer friendly, non-filler content. That’s right high on the protein, lean on the carbs
  • Plenty of visuals that illustrate the successful models and concepts Heroik Media has used to help countless clients
  • 81 Headline recipes that will change the way you create content and build your audience forever!
  • 21 Chapter summaries divided into 3 parts for easy review
  • The 3 Stages of the Audience Action Path
  • The Heroik 9 step process to content creation
  • Over 200 Headline examples as well as 201 opportunities for you to add your own and really learn these techniques
  • 140 Thought-provoking questions to bring your content in alignment with your target audience
  • Over 37 tips and tricks to improve your content and streamline your process
  • 109 Trigger words & phrases that win
  • 9 Guerilla marketing tactics to help promote your content
  • 8 Things to remember when courting your audience
  • 7 Ways to add meaningful content without watering it down
  • 4 Content mastery exercises – for expanded learning and even more techniques
  • How to unlock and master the Heroik power of your brand
  • 12 Copywriting Formulas to Create Great Content

Reviews and Critical Acclaim for The Heroik Power of Headlines

“The Heroik Power of Headlines has helped me get a handle on my businesses’ overall strategy, brand, and identity, and how best to represent that identity to the world. This fun-to-read guide to modern marketing tactics is chock full of tools, anecdotes, and time-tested techniques that capture audiences.”


-Tracy Gibbons (read her full review here)

“When I came across The Heroik Power of Headlines by Nicholoas McGill, I was certain that this could be a game changer for me. Two workshops in one eBook – priceless! This is an easy to follow, straight-forward guide. He explains everything in terms that the average person can be able to understand. At 140 + pages, there was not one dull moment in it.”


-Veronica Masters (read her full review here)

About the Author


Armed with imagination, duct tape, a unique take on tech and a thirst for adventure, Nicholas has been as a steward, curator and experience designer for exceptional brands, building ideas from thought to profit since 2003.

As a technologist, working from the age of 17 with leadership from Bechtel and BioDiesel, Nicholas was in charge of creating experiences and environments both physical and digital that enable even the busiest and overwhelmed to thrive. As customer-centric advocate and Sr. Social Analyst he’s contributed to several innovation labs and consortiums working with Yahoo, Cisco, Google, and others.

Now, running an innovation lab of his own, leading Heroik Media’s efforts, Nicholas works with a team that helps organizations make more holistic use of technology, cultivate a culture of authenticity and thrivalism to improve their reach, impact, and performance. The stories captured and experiences created as a result of these efforts ensure that these brands are seen and felt as legendary in the eyes of their customers and employees.



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