The spiritual technology of personal empowerment not only leads to transformation of one’s life and work. It also brings new capabilities, a vision of new opportunities and a dirigible architecture that allows us to elevate ourselves, our communities and endeavors. Its added gifts are the derivative blessings that spill out and empower others. This spiritual technology and dirigible architecture that provides the means to cultivate that which truly serves and empowers and elevates us on our paths to greater living; this is what is at the core of Heroik.

To be Heroik is to pursue thrivalism; a state of prosperity of the mind, body, spirit, and adaptive mastery of environment. It is to tap into the persistent drive to cultivate all that is good and in service to us. It is our desire, matched with equal effort to our aspirations, to grow to our maximum potential. It is to live and express ourselves fully; far beyond the deceptive appearances, circumstances and perceived conditions of the world in the present moment.

It is Heroik to remember the deceptive nature of our own perceptions, and recognize our desire to quickly secure an understanding of the world, the people in it and our place amidst it all.

The desire to quickly make simple sense of it all often leads to a perspective that is reduced, finite, and static. The sense of security and confidence is false, and secretly we quake and struggle with the premise and our assumptions or “understanding”. We often rush to linear, simple, black and white interpretations, that prove to veer us away from our own well being and prosperity.

The world is ever changing, in constant motion, in great and subtle efforts beyond what the eye can see or what people can easily perceive. It is Heroik to admit this, and to know it. It is Heroik to unlock transformational truths, to know wonderful people, to see distant lands, to have extraordinary experiences and create great wealth and abundance. These are noble expressions of thrivalism.

Finding that Heroik spark within requires the courage to be vulnerable, open and authentic. It takes the wisdom to be humble with others, to balance it with the confidence of self and to take on the unknown future in a Heroik way; knowing you have within you what it takes to be the creator of your future. It takes the strength to be discerning in our endeavors.

To be Heroik, we must confront popular misconceptions about what is possible and what is known, especially about ourselves. We must not cling to, believe or accept limitation based on skewed perception; based merely upon what we can see, while neglecting to admit what we are blind to. It takes great faith in knowing that discovery and opportunity are just beyond that next patch of fog. In order to reach it we must let go of the comfortable shores of the familiar.

At times, we must defiantly reclaim that spark, that Heroik identity and rescue our own destiny from the masses. It is often the masses, starving for understanding and safe ground to grow, who devalue, and commodotize with great competitive mind and confuse this with growth and elevation. It is our birthright to explore and reaffirm our own identity, our own individual purpose and create our own path on our journey.

To ignite that Heroik spark is to take the embers of our faith and courage, and fan upon them the oxygen of opportunity and great effort of the moment. This fuels the very engine of our growth. And this is what we must put in everyday. The diligent, faithful and courageous who put forth a best effort to live fully in each moment, can rest easy each night knowing they put forth the effort to build a fuller life around them. They greet each moment with the gratitude of the momentum behind them, the knowledge of the gifts among them, as well as those gifts and opportunities that lie ahead.

It is worthy of our every effort to safeguard this spark, this engine, and this vessel. As they are all the vehicles of freedom, growth and prosperity. This dirigible architecture which elevates us, fills us with noble purpose and continually guides us, requires the liberty to freely move and explore broadly. It requires the focused attention, free from noise and distraction. And so we must protect the very right, room and opportunity to explore this spark, fire, and engine further. We must nurture the Heroik insight and wisdom to find that beginning spark within ourselves and bring it to the surface. We and finally the ability to pass it on to others.

Taking time to breathe deeply; filling our sails with the intensity of our thoughts, great ambitions of our imaginations, and highest gratitude to be on such a journey; ensures we will soar higher still. As we elevate ourselves, in position, status, thought and opportunity, we recognize that this Heroik fire is what makes it so. And this fire must be continually fed. And it is fed by every step in the direction of our growth, exploration and self discovery. What begins as a secret courage to embrace a dynamic world that does not require finite grasp, sparks to a sacred flame, and the Heroik engine within us all.