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How The 80/20 Addiction Leads to Business Failures

When people talk about the 80/20 Rule, they are most often referring to the idea that 20% of an effort produces 80% of the desired results. And that by focusing on enhancing that 20% you can optimize your business. However, there are a few problems with this concept...

4 Take Aways From Walmart’s Acquisition of

1. Buying that which you don’t understand. Jet seemed to inject all of their money into their marketing, on the novelty of curation. There was little evidence to show that they were retaining the customers when the novelty wears off. Jet was just too new. It had a...

Looking at Big Data, Does More Guarantee Better?

Are you struggling with calculating ROI on your big data initiatives? You’re not alone. Many are reluctant to ask their peers about it, others don’t talk about it, but the elephant in the room needs to come atop the agenda, as does the culture that finds it...

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