Everyone has something important they need to remember but, often our memories fade and decay over time. The likelihood of remembering a single piece of information decreases after each minute that passes. This is exacerbated by the fact that in the digital age, we’re constantly bombarded with “important” content. Information is presented to us like a gushing hose from all angles. This flood of data makes what we really want to remember difficult. A new app and web service, Studyhive promises to help make remembering easy.

Rinse and Repeat
One of the key principals for mastering memorization is repetition. Repeating the same piece of information is a cognitive technique used to increase retention levels of what you’re trying to remember. This is often a very common practice used in the world of academics for students to achieve higher test scores. Many working professionals also use repetition as a study tool needed to obtain certification, complete trainings or stay current on specific job functions. This effective technique is used because it works. Studyhive takes this basic study habit to the next level.

Remember to Review Before You Forget
The act of repeating a piece of information can be more effective if the length of time between each repetition increases. Studyhive accomplishes this by calculating how fast your memory will decay and sending a study reminder to keep the information fresh.

Personalized Notifications: You Train the App, and the App Will Train Your Brain
The notification system in Studyhive is tailored to each user. It learns what information you’ve already memorized for the long term and what information you need to revisit. Therefore, you spend less time studying the information you already know, and more time studying the information you don’t know, making learning faster and more efficient. The app prompts users to study in short bursts throughout the day, initiating the learning process for you.

Flashcards + NeuroScience + Smart App Developers = Studyhive
One of the best ways to study or memorize information is by using flashcards. With Studyhive, users can use the cameras on their smartphone to digitize the material they want to remember in small manageable chunks. The Studyhive mobile app allows you to have your study material with you all the time. Once you’ve finished creating your flashcard deck, you’re ready to begin.

Unlike other flashcard applications, Studyhive automatically converts flashcards into quizzes. This allows students to assess their knowledge. Quiz scores are always stored in the history and are used to determine when the user will be reminded to study next. As study reminders get further and further apart, it is a positive sign that you are beginning to retain the information.

The ability to gradually adjust the interval of repetition and effectively assess a user’s knowledge creates a powerful tool that helps you remember important information as efficiently as possible. Check it out here.